Just flashed 4 HobbyKing 30A ESCs to SimonK. I have put together a short HowTo video and a list of useful links and tools if you like to repeat the same.

Also nice a revealing comparison video below between as SimonK flashed ESC and another one with same hardware but with Turnigy OEM firmware (generally the hardware on all ESCs which are flash-able by SimonK is same or very similar, especially when it comes to CPU)

SimonK basically is stripping a lot of the goodies and options which are generally not needed in multicopters thus resulting in a much more responsive ESC (e.g.. no cutoff voltage, no smooth startup, etc.)

Please note: SimonK is good for under 12 poles (magnets) motors. Pancakes and above 12 poles are synced at frequencies that SimonK optimisation does not serve well . You’d better go with your OEM firmware or BlHeli flashed firmware (you will need Silabs based ESCs, like DJI Opto or Turnigy Plush).

So what you would need to flash HK BlueSeries 30A with SimonK (pls donate to SimonK for his customisation job). BlueSeries are some of the best performing ESCs, large capacitors, integrated BEC.

a. HobbyKing BlueSeres 30A


b. USBasp AVR Programming Device

Device operates on Mac without drivers. For win32/64 drivers see this link.


c. Atmega Socket Firmware Flashing Tool


d. Software to update firmware on your ESCs

Software available for Mac / PC.

I have used the above configuration to successfully flash my BlueSeries ESCs in 4minutes! Enjoy!


Other link and hints to learn and understand further:

KKMulticopter Flashtool – Die Molls.net

ESC specs for Simonk / BLHeli FW flash

How to flash your ESCs with improved SimonK firmware – the easy way

USBASP driver for Windows 7 and Windows Vista x64 – Announcements

Atmel Flashing Tool from HobbyKing – DIY Drones

Flashing ESCs with SimonK Firmware – Hovership

Simple Flashing of HobbyKing Blue Series with SimonK Firmware » Odd Copter

SimonK ESC firmware flashing HK Blue Series 20A and HK F20A – RCHacker.com – Radio Control for Engineers, Hackers and the advanced Hobbyist


If you have DJI Opto or Turnigy Plush (Silabs cpu) guides:

OlliW’s Bastelseiten » owSilProg, BLHeliTool, BLHeliBox: Tutorials (choose english)

Flashing BLHeli firmware on DJI Opto 30A ESC’s

Improving DJI 30amp Opto ESCs


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